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Much props to DAHHAH.com favorites Run The Jewels for gettin that NFL exposure!

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The wrap-up to the year 2013 is a hard one. Personally, I've gotten mixed reviews on from friends on this crazy year. It was a historic year for Blacks. Not only did we inaugurate the first Black President for his second term, but we also watched in shock the aquittal of a racist monster after shooting a Black boy to death. It's been some choppy waters, but all-in-all is hasn't been that bad. Actually, it was a phenomenal year for our Brother Jay Floyd. His second daughter was born, he dropped a crazy-dope album (Misery's Love Co.), and published his very own book (The Poet Who Watched The Whole Parade). Congrats! So, once again, Jay Floyd, Robert 'Speed' Hill, Trish Green, and myself, Iyesha Jenkins are giving you our Dahhah.com 2013 best and worst rundown. Here it goes!





Best Song:

Jay: Blurred Lines by Marvin Gaye. So yeah, it was completely ripped off, and then completely marred by Mylie Cyrus, but that shows you how great Marvin Gaye is. A song that steals from him is good enough to be song of the year 30 years after his pops took him up outta here. That’s greatness, baby. Note: The Roots version played on kiddy instruments with Black Thought rappin’ KILLS the original.

Trish: Robert Glasper Experience, Black Radio 2-Common, I Stand Alone
I chose this song because between Common and Michael Eric Dyson they sum up the problem with Hip Hop right now in its entirety. 

Speed: Control - Big Sean ft Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. No song in 2013 garnered as much attention as the one containing Kdots fire breathing, MC calling out, lets gets some competition in this bumpty verse. Sparking countless responses and lots of kudos, hate and blowback, songs that garner this much attention belong in a category by themselves.

Iyesha: The Consequences of Jealousyft. Me'Shell Ndege'ocello, off the Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP. The song is so fuckin' DOPE! Mannnnnnnn....

Worst Song:

Jay: Accidental Racist by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. Yeah, y’all mighta forgot about this, but I didn’t. I can’t. LL was so bad, he started dipping into his “I’m Bad” bank of cool points. This is what happens to black men with no hair on their entire head and face (that’s just creepy). 
Trish: Drake-Hold on We’re Going Home
I offer no commentary instead I say just press play…..***flatline*** ***dead***

Speed: Schoolboy Q ft Kendrick Lamar. Collard Greens. May not technically be the worst song of the year but it’s the song that generated the most rage in my heart this year. Thanks guys!

Iyesha: Future-Turn On The Lights. This song is the epitomy of wackness. Not only is his auto-tuned voice annoying as hell, but his lyrics sound very Miller High Life and bad weed induced.

Best Movie:

Jay:Best Man Holiday. Just when I was ready to throw on my race’s ability to make blockbuster movies without embarrassing ourselves, this drops. Dope, dope flick. Maybe this can be my generation’s Black Orpheus or something.

Trish: The Butler;  Excellent acting, Lee Daniels directing and the way the story came full circle was amazing to me as to how far we have come as a race.

Speed: Best Man Holiday. From it being a sequel to it being a holiday flick, there were countless ways this joint could have tanked. But it instead blew Hollywood out the frame and proved that all black cast can rock on blockbuster levels without the Slave themes.

Iyesha: I loved The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Again, it models the book just like the first one did. Still a dope and scary concept.  

Flop Flick:

Jay: Man Of Steel. Fuggouttahere. Even the costume was wack. At least in Dark Knight, they explain his ability to have a super suit made out of billion dollars worth of kevlar and teflon, he has a billion dollars and a company that makes defense weapons), same with Iron Man. Supe just pops up with it...and Zod falls out of the sky wearing it. Pales in comparison to Superman II, and I want my 6 hours back (fell asleep a couple times).

Trish: Anything by Tyler Perry-Temptations and A Madea Christmas
Sorry IJ!! LOL. I used to be a huge Tyler Perry fan and I completely respect what he has done for African Americans in the film industry especially with building his own studios. However I have watched enough underdeveloped movies by him to last me a lifetime. It is no longer ok to just say that you are employing black actors, but you are giving them subpar roles. In 2014 I would like to see TP master his craft and learn how to successfully transfer his play directing skills into movie directing skills. But I guess with 2 shows on OWN, it’s kind of a long shot for someone to actually believe they need room for improvement.

Speed: White House Down. Watched the whole movie early in the year. Still can't tell if its trying to be serious or not. Jamie Foxx as Ray? WORDUP! Jamie Foxx as President?? Hell outta here…

Iyesha: The Internship. I was so excited about the movie and thought it would be hilarious. It was very predictable with mediocre comedy. Disapointing!

Dopest Moment In Hip Hop: 

Jay:I know most people will say its Kendrick’s Control verse, but for me it was watching Doug E. Fresh return to form with the entire Get Fresh Crew, and others to end the BET Awards.  Having a legend like that come out and outperform his (throwback, old dude still got it) expectations was huge for the maturity of hip-hop.

Gotta give it to Kendrick’s Control Verse
He shocked Hip Hop into acting like Hip Hop again, he got in the booth and did what an MC is supposed to do!

Speed: Big Sean releases Control. Create Dialog. Make rappers step game up. Stir. Repeat.

Iyesha: MC Lyte wins the "I Am Hip Hop" award and drops much needed knowledge on the crowd. A deep message to the "new age" hip hop ladies and men. I love her!

Hottest Beat: 

Jay: "Worst Behavior"

Trish: Jay-Z and Bey- On the Run Part II, Jay-Z Beach is Better and School Boy Q Collard Greens

Speed: Run The Jewels - DDFH. The perfect combo boom bap and outter space sample switch ups. Brush teeth. Take Vitamins. DDFH

Iyesha: The beat for Jay-Z's 'Tom Ford' was fresh ta def.....that's it!

Best Peformance: 

Jay: Beyonce at the Super Bowl. Nobody pleases their fans like the King Bey.
Trish: Justin Timberlake at the MTV video awards. Nsync and all of my JT hits on one stage…..#winning

Speed: I admitted stayed away from award shows and the like in 2013, but from what I caught, I'll go with Kanye Black Skinhead.

Iyesha: Janell Monae' performance for 'Black Girls Rock' was electric! Her energy on stage amazes me.

Biggest "you should be ashamed of yourself" moment:

Jay: Whoever posted the Sharkeisha vid.

Trish:  Anytime Kanye Kardashian opened up his mouth. His antics are starting to overshadow his talent. Close your mouth and go back to the studio and try to figure out why J.Coles had the balls to release his album the same day as yours and call you out on it on his album. And I guess you could say he was right since he eventually smoked Yeezus. #attentionwhore

Speed: DMX trades his son in for pride on Iyanla's Fix My Life. Drugs don't even make that showing less deplorable. Get better X.

Iyesha: Lil Wayne rapping, "beat that pussy up like Emmett Till". He should truly be ahamed of himself. I still am trying to figure out why that was so acceptable to people.

Guilty pleasure: 

Jay: "Worst Behavior". Amid the sugary sweetness of Dealer's catalog, this song jumped out at me and made an impression.

Trish: Wale-Clappers
I absolutely LOVED this ghetto-ratchet-hoodrat-sale your food stamps for 2 packs of Yaki weave-cooking French fries in bacon grease-section 8 song. I will get sweaty for this joint!

Speed: Drake - Worst Behavior. Ratch city.

Iyesha: Drake's 'Language'. It makes me laugh, two-step. I love it!

 Dahhah Person of The Year: 

Jay: Nelson Mandela. We all just witnessed the passing of a world changer. I wish we had more rebels for a cause and less pumps of the public, but hey...we are what we are. While I'm typing this, my phone keeps autocorrecting Madiba into Madonna. See what I mean.

Trish: Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s parents)
Courage under Fire….The amount of poise, dignity class and unshakable faith that these parents and this family have displayed throughout this entire case since their son’s death is something to be admired. Dealing with your child being murdered, having the murder trial carried out in front of the entire world while everyone weighing on your child’s character. Then to see your child’s killer walk free, but even in that disappointment they never once lashed out in anger even when they would be justified. It’s a true testament to how God will keep you in the midst of the storm.

Speed: Kendrick Lamar. Consistency. The kid just gets it done. He even got a GQ man of the year award for crying out loud.

Iyesha: Nelson Mandela. The man was amazing and I continue to learn more DOPE things about him. I've always been aware of his divine fight, but I'm discovering more that touches my heart in a special way. May he Rest In Peace.

Album of The Year:

Jay: Run The Jewels by Killer Mike and El-P. Throwback to Criminal Minded and Big Beat rap records, El-P brings the focus out of Mike while Mike's presence keeps El-P on beat. Skraight classic record.
Trish: Fresh Out by Trish Green

 Speed:  Killer Mike and El P - Run the Jewels. Sometimes albums just hit you exactly where you are at the time. RTJ is that album in '13. Sick of singing hooks and dumb lyrics. Needs drums that crack. Some humor. Yup. Its all here.

Iyesha: Robert Glasper's, 'Black Radio 2"! Smooth, melodic, soulful, jazzy, and hip hop. It's my personal recommendation for anyone who loves music. The album is just that dope.

MC of the Year:

Jay: Kendrick. Undeniable come up. Where does he go from here? 

Trish: Kendrick for reminding us what MCs do.

Speed: Kendrick Lamar. Lots a folks gets some light. KL always seems to make his stay for a lil while. And for the right reasons.

Iyesha: The same answer as last year....King Kendrick Lamar! "thy royal penis is clean, you high-ness". I'm on him. He continues to be a leader in this here hip hop game. May he continue to reighn!

Dopest Female of 2013:

Jay: Females don't rap well so...Kerry Washington, for excellence in her trade despite the Hollywood Apartheid.
Trish: Iyanla Vanzant
It is no secret I love this lady her Hit show Iyanla Fix My Life is awesome, she gets to the root of the issue and she keeps it 10000000. I am happy to see her back on top, hell of a comeback!
Speed:  3d Na'Tee is the one lady mic ripper that made me go searching for more joints in '13. Supposedly she turned down a hand full of contracts already but has created heavy buzz staying solo. My money says she pops up on a lot of records in 2014.

Iyesha: Janelle Monae. Homegirl is a powerhouse and a DOPE Femcee....and she's only just begun. She's just so funky and feminine.

Who Got Next:

Jay: Chance The Rapper. I don't know how dope he actually can be, but I know momentum when I see it. 

Trish: KL

Speed: Joey Bada$$: I suspect that 2014 will be one of those rebellion hip hop years. Since 2013 saw Ye and Hov both drop spacey projects that made a lot of people frown, I'm betting that the lane for straight beats and rhymes will widen. Look for the Pro Era crew to get lots more exposure.

Iyesha: IDK!

And there you have it folks! God Bless and Happy New Year.

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Our own Jay Floyd is now an author!!!

OK, here at Dahhah.com, I've always tried my best to fill the staff with the dopest and wittiest writers I know.  From Robert "Speed" Hill to Trish Green, Eris Zion Venia Dyson, Iyesha Jenkins and so on.  I roll with tight circle of folks who all slang ink out their pens with the best of em. I know I haven't been the most active here on the site lately (downright lazy bastard-steez actually, although you can find us raising our ruckus in the Facebook group!).  But the staff has held us down!!

In my time away from the page, I've been able to focus on my other passions, I released my debut solo album "Misery's Love Co." and I wrote my first novel, "The Poet Who Watched The Whole Parade".  Damn, being an author is a dream come true for me!!  I'm still a wide-eyed rookie in the game, but I still love it.  Now that it's out my focus is shifted to marketing and promo (and writing my next one), but most importantly getting back to Dahhah.com and shining light on that culture we all know and love, hip-hop.  

So hop on over to Amazon (or click any of the shameless links I'm posting in this bad boy) and check out my book, then tell me how you feel about it.  I got thick skin, I been rapping for 20 years.  ONE. 

P.S. I'm giving away a few freebies in a contest on Goodreads!  Peep the link at the bottom for the detailies. 


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          The Poet Who Watched The Whole Parade

          by Jay Floyd


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Its pitch black, piss and grime stain the ground and brick walls laced with Hip Hop graffiti surround you. A full moon shines off of rusty fire escapes each of them hosting life’s experience’s staring right at you. A guitar strums notes straight out of blues alley as the flute sounds glide across this visual like red strokes of paint. All of a sudden the moonlight shifts to a spotlight, a gritty voice speaks introducing himself as the tour guide that’s going to narrate this ride, and he goes by the name of Jay Floyd. And this is only the intro....
“Life could’ve killed me, but it built me." ~Jay Floyd
Jay Floyd is a poet, author, creator of the Hip Hop website www.dahhah.com and one half of the Hip Hop group Rime Royal alongside Robert “Speed” Hill. Misery’s Love Company is the audio companion to Floyd’s debut autobiographical novel “The Poet Who Watched the Whole Parade”. With production spearheaded by Producer Shawn Charles, this Hip Hop collage of songs is definitely an interesting segue into the book. A segue that leaves a taste of curiosity in your mouth for what type of life birthed such dark, creative yet thought provoking lyrics. The title track Misery, kicks off with a poem spit by longtime poet and spoken word host L.S Royal, carrying a tone of voice and lyrical content that sum up this LP. L.S ushers in a laid back guitar and horn accented beat. Jay keeps the vibe going with his gritty voice sounding like the man who swallowed a 1000 rocks spitting “my mama had pain before delivery, she has stood face to face with the enemy”. Ryan the Realist, who croons the hook, has a very solid yet at times too safe voice failing to capture the grit of the song. Floyd turns it up a notch with the next track Lord Have Mercy, a hit single originally released in 2011. The song has more flips and turns than your latest Cedar Point roller coaster. Kicking off this hit with a funky Prince-like guitar riff, and then bending the corner to a kick drum beat sounding similar to what I thought was Jay-Z’s It’s Hot (Some like It Hot) only to find out it’s the Black Keys’ I got Mine. Then it settles into a beat that with the help of Eriq Troi puts you in the mindset of these three 80’s Jewish Rappers from Brooklyn. Minus the oversaturated braggadocios lyrics and temper tantrums, Jay raps with a Kanye West-like vibe. He talks about going through all he went through and hoping as we all do that at the end of the day, God will have mercy on our souls knowing we did the best we could. The song is ushered out with a nasty rock n roll guitar solo from none other than Eriq Troi.
Just as you are settling into the strong Hip Hop consensus on the project, Shawn Charles flexes his creative muscles with track 7 and 8. For all of you who like the easily digestible Hip Hop songs i.e. Jay Cole, Wale and Drake you might want to listen to Intro/Less Than; just expect a higher level of lyrical content. SC acts up with an intro sounding like something straight off of a Brat Pack 80’s flick soundtrack. Transitioning into a hip swaying Hip Hop beat were Jay raps about love, heart break and everything in between. Giving the song yet another look, Shawn gives you some dramatic Depeche Mode type keys to end it on a note of encore status. The Jay-Charles combination creates a very pop digestible Hip Hop song with this one.
LOVE, a Southern back alley ole skool on vogues reminiscent tune rides slow on a very 70’s guitar driven beat. Offers up a feature from Danny Switchblade who comes in with a refreshing switch of flow as he rides the beat with slick words about well...LOVE. Another appearance from Ryan the Realist on the hook singing “Grandma told me this four letter word” once again very safe solid voice but still missing the stank on it. I always say a singer’s voice has to tell the story especially on the hook since you only have a few lines to capture the essence of the song. When a singer captures the essence of the song in a hook, it turns a solid voice into a great voice.
Floyd never falling short of wordplay, keeps it going with The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo, were Jay narrates the story of a man who gets hypnotized into an affair with a girl who is nothing short of a beautiful lie. Screaming “Trapped in this room full of walls of mistakes, not knowing you could leave you take your foot off the breaks”. TDGT captures the lyrical x-factor of this MC; it is the layers in the content that even after listening to this LP time after time you still haven’t heard everything. The grand finale is Company, a track that Jay Floyd is joined by the other half of Rime Royal Robert “Speed” Hill and Siege of EDOTKOM. Each MC contributing their own personal autograph flow like a stamp of approval on a masterpiece. Collaborating over a much stripped down yet catchy Shawn Charles beat, they end this tour of Misery’s Love Company on a high note. 
Misery’s Love Company tells a story of redemption, triumph, pain, growth, strength, mistakes, forgiveness and most importantly LOVE. A lot of MCs over the years have only told half of the story. They will always tell you about the ugly side of life from killing to drug dealing; we have pride fully narrated stories of the ghetto. But very rarely do you get an MC who will tell the full story which is often times the things in life we miss. And that is the things we go through in life are designed to make us better, but our choices represent that fork in the road of whether we end up better or worse. Jay Floyd is a true to the heart MC in every sense of the word. Although I would like to see a more diverse flow on his next project because I believe this will elevate his skills to the next level accomplishing the task of being a well-rounded artist. Misery helps to breathe life into this dying breed we call Hip Hop, its FRESH from start to finish. And with that being said...my name is Trish Green and I approve this record.
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Dahhah.com's founder drops solo debut album!

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The Nines: Lenny Kravitz

The Nines: Lenny Kravitz
“A sacred gift from heaven, for better, worse wherever.

And I would never let somebody take you down or take your crown, never”

~ Leonard Albert Kravitz, Again

Born to a Bahamian-African American mother and Russian-Jewish father, Leonard Albert Kravitz whom was named after his deceased Korean War veteran uncle arrived in the world a true Gemini on May 26. Bouncing back and forth between his grandmother’s home in Bedford Stuyvesant and his parent’s home in Manhattan, Kravitz was reared in the best of both worlds. Growing up he would listen to the sounds of everything from The Jackson 5 to Sara Vaughn, being that his father Sy Kravitz was a Jazz Promoter Lenny has got to be the only kid to have had Duke Ellington sing him Happy Birthday on his 5th birthday. In 1974 he and his mother Roxie Roker who played “Helen” on the popular TV show The Jeffersons, moved to Los Angeles. While growing up in LA, his love for music continued to stretch far behind cultures and genres, he eventually joined the California Boys Choir which had a mainly classical repertoire. After seeing Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin perform at a concert he was inspired and intrigued by their entire Rock n Roll persona, and that night a Rock star was born.
This Rock star has always marched to the beat of his own drum since he came out of the womb. Lenny Kravitz’s style of music has been as eclectic as the ethnicities that he has been blessed with. Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Reggae and Psychedelic; Kravitz has refused to be labeled, boxed in or pigeon holed even when record companies slammed the door in his face because they felt his music wasn’t “black or white enough”. When he hit the scene he was originally introduced to us as “Romeo Blue”, but of course he quickly dropped the Soap Opera name and just went with his government name after being signed to Virgin Records in 1989. He is the essence of what a musician is, his style is so Rock n Roll whether he has dreads draped down his back or rocking a bald fade one element never changes about him and that is sexy. Call me a sucker for a guitarist but this Renaissance man is beyond an accomplished musician he plays bass, percussion, keyboard and harmonica. Outside of the fact that he is an arranger, composer, song writer, producer and Grammy award winner within the past several years he has added actor to his catalog. You can check for him this summer when they release the Lee Daniel’s directed film The Butler where he will act alongside some of the greatest in the business from Robin Williams to Forrest Whittaker. And oh yes, just to give you one last title; interior decorator yeah who needs Nate Berkus when you have Lenny Kravitz.

The ability to be yourself, when the world is telling you who you are is a skill set not very many musicians have mastered. Well Mr. Kravitz learned this skill set right along with walking and talking as a child. From I Belong to You; to my favorite off of his Greatest Hits album Again his music is timeless, color blind and genius. The tattoos, sun-kissed skin , five ‘clock shadow, nose ring, chiseled body and that mysterious Gemini appeal that us Aquarians are so intrigued by you wouldn’t have to sing a note, thank you for being simply beautiful.



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Top 10 Hip Hop Posse and Collabo Tracks... Sorta

Back story: So about 2 months ago, Jay Floyd and myself decided to try to compile a list of ridiculously good posse tracks. The trick was breaking the list down to the 10 best! As you can imagine, we burnt out on it and soon we weren't even talking about the list anymore. As I skimmed where we last left off this morning, I figured it would probably end up a better conversation piece with the list "unrefined".

Saturday, April 6, 2013



The year was 1987, I sat down in front of my grandmother’s floor model television and in the midst of channel surfing I landed on MTV. This muscle bound dude wearing a red Kangol hat caught my eye, I couldn’t make out everything he was saying but his song was killing it. The beat sounded like something straight out of a scary movie when the monster was getting ready to attack. The song was “I’m Bad” and it was the ugliest, meanest song I had ever heard and I loved it! Like a fiend chasing a hit every day I would bounce back and forth from Ducktales to MTV waiting to see if they would play my video. I began to memorize every word even acting out the moves, stomping my grandmother’s red shag carpet cause I WAS CRUSHING THEM FOOLS LIKE A JELLY BEAN! That day in 1987, wasn’t just my introduction to Todd Smith, that day was the beginning of my love for Hip Hop. Yes it is just music to the average ears, but to me the beats and the rhymes are just skin deep to our love affair because this relationship would influence the way I walked, talked and dressed.

Inseminated with Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Scatting, The Dozens, Spoken Word, Poetry and metaphors Hip Hop wasn’t just a genre of music it was a movement. A movement that didn’t just entail music there were DJs, Mix Masters, B-Boys, breakdancing and graffiti artists. Armed with a complex personality this movement was clever, intelligent, egotistical, competitive, braggadocios, humble, rebellious, original, creative, tough and violent. It was “underdog music” that was made for and by the have nots of society. Conceived in the 70’s and growing up in the 80’s, Hip Hop spoke up for the inner city voices that had been silenced for years. Screaming “Fuck the Police” to crooked ass cops, joining together to fight against violence within the African American community with “Self Destruction”, responding to the unnecessary and untimely death of Latasha Harlins with songs like “Black Korea” and “Something 2 Die 4” Hip Hop was airing America’s dirty laundry.  Atrocities that normally never made it past the gutters of the ghetto was now being put front in center on stage for the world to view. Social commentary was just one aspect, Hip Hop taught us how to party. Artists entered the game with an axe to grind, fighting for respect from their peers within this music and for the city they represented. A movement that flipped hustlers into music moguls and drug money turned record companies. Yes, Hip Hop came from the gutter but the world fell in love with it. It pushed beyond the city limits and brought more people together from all races, backgrounds and cultures than any other genre of music. Trust me this article is no “Brown Sugar” type flow, it’s just simply to ask if we gave birth to Hip Hop why are we letting other people raise it?

 But now as Hip Hop becomes this legitimate genre of music and if we are going to last this test of time we cannot be considered this niche genre of music. It has to be a music that is centered around something…some type of truth…some type of emotion…some type of revolution…or some type of love. The next generation of artists will determine if it will extend beyond or just become some type of music.” –Jay-Z-Oprah’s Masters Class

Watching the Grammys this year, I got a chance to observe the growth of artists from other genres of music such as country, alternative and pop. Once upon a time pop stars could only be skinny, sex crazed bomb shells who could barely sing. But now we are seeing artists such as Adele and Kelly Clarkson murder the pop charts with this new version of sexy called TALENT. I found it to be amazing to see other artists push the envelope and own their craft in order to become legitimate contenders amongst their peers in the music business. The truth about the current state of Hip Hop is that is we no longer own our craft, our craft and the people who bought it now own us. In this stage in the game there are more comedians than artists, more rappers than MCs and more wrong than right. Reality Shows, belligerent lyric competitions, plastic bodies, fake drug dealers and toy gang bangers are replacing what used to be called TALENT. With these elements being the constant theme aligning these beats, at what point do we stop singing along?  

With talent dissolving into thin air, female MCs have done the same. When Female MC’s hit the scene they commanded respect and they stepped into the booth knowing their skills would level any male MC in the studio.  Messages that range from intolerance of disrespect to being in charge of their own sexuality, it was all about fighting for their place in the game. But things in the game have changed and it’s no longer about what you say when you step in the booth, it’s about how you look saying it. And unfortunately that look is going to cost you, it’s all about how much are you willing to pay.
The brilliance of an Outkast, Kanye West, KRS-One, Tribe Called Quest and Common can be credited to simply being different; it was not a message of dope dealing and killing but that of thought provoking creativity. Unfortunately we’ve grown so desperate to be like everyone else,   we are willing to single white female another man’s life in order to erase our own. 

“I’m into distribution, I’m like Atlantic/I got them mutherfuckers flying across the Atlantic/I know Pablo Noriega/the real Noriega he owe me one hundred favors.” ~Rick Ross
Word to the wise, if you must go this route at least select a dead Kingpin it will save you some legal fees….

Gang banging is a culture that has been ever present in Hip Hop, better explained in Ice-T’s 1988 hit “Colors” off the Colors soundtrack. Artists such as Snoop and The Game have never been shy about waving their flag to let you know the set they came from. Sad to say others have chosen, the Hollywood Hogan route waving flags to their boost record sales.
I'm so Confused....


In this era of so called Hip Hop there has been in emergence of some young talent that is trying to breathe some creativity into the game, but for every breath we take you have 100 Trinidad James characters sucking the life right out of you. Low and behold we don’t control the music that is played over the air waves or the images in which we are fed daily via television and internet but we do have a say so in whether we chose to tune in. Clear Channel is the largest owner in full power radio stations, to which a huge cluster of them are Urban and half of them cater to Rap. Viacom is the fourth largest media conglomerate, owning BET and MTV Networks which includes sister station VH1, controlling the majority of images that you see on a daily basis. With VH1 tag-teaming our prime time hours with shows such as Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop and Marrying the Game you almost want to release a company memo that states “Not all black women make their money on their back and there are majority of us who grind it out on our feet, so if you feel so compelled can you come up with a different plot…please and thanks”.  The irony behind all of this is bad artists continue to supply Clear Channel with material to flood the airwaves  and thanks to black women such as Shaunie O’Neal and Mona Scott-Young we get hard-thought up-complex shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop.  And then of course there is the internet were World Star Hip Hop continues to attract 1.1 million viewers per day. I would love to say that this site was really about Hip Hop as it states in its’ title, but unfortunately it is a cesspool of ghetto fights that continue to display society’s lack of humanity…all in the name of Hip Hop. Connecting the dots would tell you that it’s no mystery as to why in 2011 and 2012 BET named WSHH as the “top hip hop and urban culture website”.

I’ve always defined hating as disliking something and hoping that it doesn’t succeed, well call it because I am HATING on rappers and the current state of Hip Hop. If insulting my intelligence and pigeon holing my race into ignorance is the only talent you have, then NO I do not wish you success.  I find it disheartening to hear Outkast say they refuse to put out an album in this era because it will not be appreciated. The preservation of this movement falls on the backs of talented artists, creative MCs, thought provoking poets and writers who will change the direction of Hip Hop. In order to change the direction, we as consumers and artists simply have to stop FOLLOWING….PEACE

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Pimped out 80's toys that only rich kids could afford

The 80's were some strange years.  Ronald Reagan damn near split the country into the haves and have-nots, and as kids we were left to grow up with toys and goodies that we couldn't dream to afford dancing in front of our faces on TV.  Nowadays, black folks get a rep for flossing expensive goods...but I contend that a big reason is that so many of us grew up watching the rest of the world do the same thing to us!  Here is just a few examples of pimped out 80's toys that only rich kids could afford...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Nines: Teyonah Parriss

Now, THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a certified, official, candy coated,  NINE.  Skin, eyes, face, lips, body...all nine-plus quality, Grade A.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's Baaaack!

Cleveland's prodigal son is returning to the nighttime screen!   Arsenio Hall, who's show was one of the bastions and nurturing places of hip-hop culture in the 90's is coming back.  There's been some whispers about it for a while now, but this time we have a date and some remarks regarding his exit from the nighttime TV circuit years ago. Peep the entire article from The Hollywood Reporter HERE

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year in Review!

OK, so the staff has assembled to give our opinions on the best of worst that hip-hop had to offer this past year.  So on deck with me is my man Speed, Trish Green and Iyesha Jenkins.  I gotta admit, it was pretty slim pickings in the Best categories...I'm just sayin.  But nevertheless, here we go....RUN IT!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Legend of Herman Cain

In September 2010, a world class pizza tosser by the name of Herman Cain put in his bid to be the Republican Party's nomination for President of the United States. I had never heard of the guy before but he was picking up steam quickly. He was the president of the National Restaurant Association and liked to kick all of your favorite right wing one-offs. “Electrify the fence that 'surrounds' the U.S.”, “Cut taxes”, “Get government out of the way”. His candidacy was special for 2 reasons: first, Republicans had lost the previous Presidential Election to rockstar popular Barack Obama. In the process of trying to offset his swag juice, republicans reached for their own version of “cool” with a female candidate named Sarah Palin. Since the Palin Project crashed and burned, conservatives have been canvassing every nook and cranny of MyMoneyNotYoursLand in hope of some minority class offset to a hip hop conscious Barry O. So here stands Herman Cain, a black face whose mouth says all the same things all of the rich white pundits believe. CHA-CHING! Until of course it all fell apart. Set aside that Mr. Pizza was accused of sexual harassment. Overlook that his tax plan was ripped off from the tax code used in the Sim City video game. Ignore that he quoted the Pokemon movie for two whole minutes in his final speech. Bag all of that momentarily, while I connect the dots on how this all became a hip hop article.